Melamine / Laminate

Melamine is a proven way of finishing derived timber products. Several layers of melamine resin (natural resin) impregnated paper (decorative layer and backing) are directly bonded to a high-quality substrate, thus producing an extremely hardwearing, highly resistant surface. At rational, these materials are used for decorative surfaces, such as fronts, carcases and worktops—surfaces which are exposed to extreme wear and tear.

The soft lacquer produced at rational is a water-based paint that is free from solvents and therefore extremely eco-friendly. A special process gives the soft lacquers an even, soft-textured surface. Thanks to UV technology, the soft lacquer is extremely lightfast and easy to clean. Its excellent chemical resistance is confirmed by the product-testing institute, LGA QualiTest GmbH.
Standard Veneer

Real wood veneer is a thin layer composed of individual strips of fine-quality wood glued and pressed to the surface of a high-quality substrate. Wood is a natural product and therefore wood grain texture and colour will vary on door and drawer fronts. Wood also changes colour over time with exposure to light.
Book-Matched Veneer

Book matched veneer is a unique upgrade where the veneer is selected from a single tree trunk and put together specifically for the fronts of that particular kitchen, which ensures that there is a harmonious and uninterrupted matching of the grain pattern across all the fronts.

Ceramic is a high-grade material used by rational for sliding doors, work surfaces and recess panelling. It is a 100% natural product—a mixture of clay, feldspar and quartz sand that is sintered at extremely high temperatures. The fired surface is impermeable to water, recyclable and absolutely food-safe.
Safety Glass

The types of glass used are subjected to special glass breakage tests according to DIN/EN 1153 (safety requirements and test methods for built-in and free-standing kitchen units). Most of the glass used by rational is safety glass.